Most of the boys like cars and they are probably like to live in a car themed room. Thanks to a variety of creative kids stuff in different stores can be such a dream room easily. The most important element, it is a bed that is a centerpiece of any bedroom. It would be great if you can find a car-shaped bed. You could decorate your son’s room with several stickers of his favorite cars and then you get a great car themes room. Here, there are 20 car shaped kids beds, which are produced in the form of various cars, like super hero’s cars, racing cars, trucks and others.


Here are an ideas to make your kids fun and enjoy at their room, a funny and modern kids play beds design ideas. This play beds made of natural wood. So it’s very safe for kids health. Beside that, the design of this funny play beds, also very suit and very stylish for kids. Their children can play in such playbed all day in safety and comfort. When they are tired they can sleep all night there. Moreover, most of them offer enough space for your child’s friends, who also will be happy to play there. They are designed with excellent finishing materials, and scale into your home. Discover more about danetti furniture at .



This modern sofa by  Designer Gaetano Pesce  this sofa designed to be comfortable and make you feel nice. Armchairs are wonderful seats where you can rest for a couple of moments or perfect places for watching TV, read a book, or chat with a friend, The sofa looks elegan and seems to be very comfortable. It can fit as to ultra-modern minimalist interiors as to funky or modern ones. this sofa demonstrates a perfect combination of modern and contemporary styles and this sofa could become an amazing centerpiece for your living room.